Ornamental Swing Gates

Iron World Manufacturing, LLC offers a complete line of swing gates (walk and double drive) that offer privacy and security in a multitude of styles. Designed to complement any setting and enhance both commercial and residential properties, Iron World swing gates are custom made to precisely fit your opening.

They can be made using our residential, industrial or standard commercial materials. Swing gates can range in size from 3 foot single gates to 36 foot double gates. Larger sizes for our swinging gates are available upon request. We offer all styles with rings, finials and arches.

Product Specifications
Gate Frame

Ornamental picket swing gate frames to be fabricated of galvanized steel tubing. ASTM A78, of structural steel having a 45,000 psi (310 MPa) tensile strength and a G90 [0.9 oz/ft2 zinc coating. Members welded with stainless steel rods, forming a rigid one piece unit. Vertical upright members 2”sq. 13ga. metal thickness.

Horizontal Rails & Pickets

  • For gate leaves up to 8’0” the horizontal rails to be “U” channels, formed of hot rolled, structural steel 13/8” wide by 1½” high, 11 gauge [0.120”] metal thicknesses.
  • For gate leaves 8’1” up to 12’0” provide an additional 1½” sq. stiffener welded to one top and one bottom “U” channel. Use stainless steel rods for welds.
  • For gate leaves 12’1” to 18’0” supply 2 additional 2” sq. horizontal members welded to the 2” sq. vertical members forming a 2” sq. rectangular frame.
  • For gate leaves 18’1” to 24’ 0”2 additional horizontal stiffeners 2’ sq. to be welded behind 2” horizontal members. Welds to be stainless steel.


Hinges shall have a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. Hinges shall allow gate leaf to swing 180o.
Gate keepers shall be provided for any leaf wider than 5’0’ to hold gate in open position.
Double leaf gates to have center drop rod.


  • 3”sq. for gate leaf sizes 3’0” to 4’0”
  • 4”sq. for gate leaf sizes 4’1” to 8’0”
  • 6”sq. for gate leaf sized 8’0” to 12’0”
  • 8’sq. for gate leaf sized 12’1” to 18’0”
  • 10”sq. for gate leaf sizes 18’0” to 24’0”


Rail/Post Brackets: Standard 1½” x 13/8” x 1½”, 11 gauge galvanized steel channels. Cover to be sleeved over brackets and secured with tamper proof bolt for permanent installation.

Aberdeen Swing Gates

This beautiful and popular style easily translates into an attractive design for your ornamental swing gates. Aberdeen swing gates create a distinctive look, yet are safe for large estates, residential communities, townhouses, and families with children and pets.

Aberdeen Swing Gate Styles

Barcelona Swing Gates

Strong and dominant, the Barcelona Swing Gate makes a striking statement and brings an air of stature to any property. The uncomplicated styling complements a wide range of architecture. It has a classic design with traditional spear-point pickets extending above the top rail, giving it an added element of protection.

Barcelona Swing Gate Styles

Canterbury Swing Gates

The Canterbury fence design offers a classic look, increasing the beauty and security of any property. With pickets extending beyond the top rail, this fencing style is particularly dramatic in taller fence heights. Within each picket top are plastic plugs, protecting your fence from the elements and keeping it maintenance free. Your Canterbury swing gates can be customized with a variety of rail and inner channel fencing accessories.

Canterbury Swing Gate Styles