Iron World Fencing Delivery

Iron World is one of the fastest growing fence manufacturers nationwide, providing top quality fencing, competitive whole sale pricing, and the fastest delivery times in the industry.

With three different iron fencing plants, we receive orders from all across the country. With our standard delivery time, we are able to ship our product anywhere in the United States within two weeks of placing an order.

This lead time is contingent upon the product specifications; while stock colors are available within our two week delivery, custom manufactured products and custom colors may extend this time frame 6-8 weeks.

Delivery Process

Prior to delivery, your order is placed in a polyurethane bag and shrink wrap closed with heat. This prevents any scratches or abrasions from occurring during transit, while ensuring contaminates don’t enter the packaging.

Iron World delivers all products by truck, unless the customer chooses to pick up the order at the corresponding plant.

All customers are required to be on-location for the delivery. While Iron World will help unload the fencing products, the customer must provide the equipment for its removal from the trucks, if necessary.

What type of equipment is needed for unloading the truck?

To unload the fence materials, customers should have a forklift or the appropriate equipment, based on the conditions of the job site.

How much time is allotted to unload the order off the truck?

Iron World estimates approximately 1.5-2 hours to unload the truck, depending on the size of the order.

What if my order is damaged?

If any of your fence materials are damaged, please contact Iron World immediately. If the damage occurred during transit, we will remove the product from your job site and either replace it or offer you a credit.

What type of truck delivers the fence orders?

Iron World delivers fence materials on a straight truck or tractor trailer.

How much weight do the trucks hold?

Iron World’s straight trucks haul up to 10,500 thousand pounds and the tractor trailers can haul up to 45,000 pounds.

Can customers pay on delivery?

Yes. Customers can either set up an account with Iron World tp be invoiced or pay on delivery.

What days/hours do you deliver ornamental fencing orders?

Iron World delivers Monday through Friday and will call in advance with the specific time frame. Our driver will make an additional phone call approximately one hour ahead of time to better estimate the delivery arrival.

Do you do weekend deliveries?

Iron World does not usually deliver on the weekend; however we can, if necessary, for an additional fee.