Accessories & Color Options

Iron World has the ornamental fencing and decorative swing and slide gate accessories to complete any fencing project. As a fence manufacturer, we focus on providing secure iron fencing for privacy, without losing its aesthetic design.

We offer an array of aluminum, chain link, and iron fence coatings, which will safeguard the fence from potential damages due to weather conditions. Iron World also manufactures Cast Stone Columns, in Limestone, Field Stone, and Stacked Stone, at an affordable price. .

Looking for ornamental iron accessories or finials to top your fence pickets? Iron World can custom design ornamental fences to meet your needs.

Polyester & Polyolefin Coated Pipe

Coating Cracking, Peeling & UV Resistance Damage from Abrasion Peeling Resistance Chemical Resistance Mold Resistance Low Temp Resistance
Polyolefin Coating Decorative and Protective ASTM G53 QUV > 2000 hours Excellent Chip Resistance
SUGMT Marring ASTM D6060 Taber Adhesion 70-90gm less ASTM D2794 Impact resiistance > 384n/lbs
Excellent without Primer
ASTM D4541 Adhesion > 1000psi
Does not support growth
ASTMD746 Brittleness Temp 30 F
PVC Coating Decorative Good
ASTM G53 QUV > 1000 hours
Good Chip Resistance
Marring ASTM D4060 Tabar Adhesion 90-11gm less
ASTM D2794 Impact resistance > 325m/lbs
Good With Primer Poor W/o Primer
ASTM D4541 Adhesion > 1000psi wieh primer
Does support growth
ASTMD746 Brittleness -15F
Polyester Coating Decorative Fair
ASTM G53 QUV > 1000 hours
Good Mar Resistance
SUBSTANTIAL CHIPPING ASTM D4060 TAberA Adhesion 40-60 gm less
ASTM D2794 Impact resistance > 160 n/lbs
Good with Primer Fair w/o Primer
ASTM D3359 Adhesion SB ration
Does not support growth

Available Hardware

Iron World offers a variety of hardware options for your iron fence, decorative swing gate, or decorative slide gate project. Choose from an assortment of hinges for your swing gate, various shapes and sizes for your fence post caps, or the type of bracket for your slide gate or ornamental iron accessories.

When you choose Iron World as your fence manufacturer, we present you with top quality materials and hardware options so the final product exceeds your expectations.

Swing Gate Hardware

  • Self Closing Hinge
  • 4” Press Steel Hinge
  • Barrel Hinges
  • Pilaster Hinges
  • 2.5” Black Hinge
  • 3” Black Hinge
  • 4” Black Hinge
  • 6” Black Hinge
  • Top Pull Latch
  • ILD Self Closing
  • Fulcrum latch 2.5 gav
  • Fulcrum latch 3 gav
  • Fulcrum latch 4 gav
  • Fulcrum latch 2.5 black
  • Fulcrum latch 3 black
  • Fulcrum latch 4 black
  • 4” Cantilever latch
  • 6 5/8 Cantilever latch

Slide Gate Hardware

  • 4” Truck bracket
  • 6 5/8 Truck bracket
  • Truck assembly – 4 wheel
  • Truck assembly – 8 wheel
  • Alum 2×2
  • Splice kit
  • Drop Rod
  • Blank channel
  • 2” sq. Gate stops
  • 4” Lower guide
  • Lock box

Post Accessories

  • 2” flat cap
  • 2.5” flat cap
  • 3” flat cap
  • 4” flat cap
  • 6” flat cap
  • 2” ball cap
  • 2.5” ball cap
  • 3” ball cap
  • 4” ball cap
  • 6” ball cap

Ornamental Iron Accessories

  • Swivel brackets
  • Press steel bracket
  • Press steel bracket w/o cover
  • Self tapping bracket bolts
  • 6×6 post plate
  • 8×8 post plate

Color Options

Iron World offers fencing and gates in the following stock colors, which are available within our two week delivery time. However, we can also powder coat custom colors for the iron, aluminum, and chain link fences, swing and slide gates we manufacture.