Environmental Policy

As the “going green” movement continues, Iron World remains conscious of its actions as a fence manufacturer. During production, we maintain a high percentage of recycled materials, doing our part to reduce our organization’s carbon footprint and encourage the use of recycled materials throughout the fencing industry.

Steel has one of the highest recycle rates of source materials in the world. The steel industry has been recycling itself for well over a hundred years, encouraged by the fact that it is more economical to recycle steel from scrap than to produce from virgin materials. Producing a new steel product from recycled steel scrap uses approximately 75% less energy, on average, than making the same product from virgin ore.

All of our Maverick Series fence panels and posts are fabricated from materials consisting of a minimum of 63% recycled steel content, on average. As a chain link fence manufacturer, Iron World Fencing utilizes steel rod comprised of at least 75% salvaged steel. These percentages of recycled source materials allow Iron World to be in compliance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for our fencing products.

Our customers can also contribute to the cause by purchasing and utilizing green materials and products, thereby promoting the conservation of Earth’s diminishing non-renewable resources. Additionally, the incorporation of green materials into construction projects can help reduce the environmental effects linked to the mining, transport, processing, and disposal of many steel industry resources.

At Iron World, our goal is provide the highest quality iron fencing and chain link fencing available, while remaining committed to our environmental responsibility as a fence manufacturer.