Maverick Fences


Solid Iron Fence

The Maverick-I (Industrial) Solid Line is made with 3/4 inch solid hot dipped galvanized steel pickets that are then riveted to an 11 gauge channel. MORE>>


Industrial Iron Fences

The Maverick-I (Industrial) is our premier iron fencing product, utilizing an 11 gauge channel and both 3/4 and 1 inch steel pickets. MORE>>


Commerical Iron Fences

The Maverick-C (Commercial) is the Maverick-I (Industrial) with a 15 gauge channel, available in both 3/4 and 1 inch steel pickets. MORE>>


Maverick Residential Iron Fence

The Maverick-R (Residential) is targeted for residential applications and provides the beauty and security of iron fencing at an affordable price. MORE>>

Iron World Manufacturing

Iron World™ Manufacturing is the fastest growing fence manufacturer and distributor of decorative and ornamental iron fencing, aluminum fencing, chain link, slide and swing gates in the country. Our world class fencing, gates and post accessories meet the highest standards of excellence for fence design, durability and functionality. Iron World’s ornamental iron, decorative aluminum, and chain link fencing can be manufactured in any color under the sun.

Iron World only manufactures weld-free products; therefore everything is galvanized and sealed with a powder paint coating and guaranteed to last. Our decorative iron fencing won’t fade, chip, peel, or need any additional painting. Architects spec Iron World for their clients because they trust our decorative iron fencing is the highest in quality, easy to install, will never rust and is backed by the best manufacture warranty in the fence industry.

With manufacturing plants in two different regions of the country, Iron World Fencing leads the industry in manufacturing and distributing ornamental and decorative iron fences, aluminum fencesslide gatesswing gates, and chain link fences. You can even find our decorative fences at places such as the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, the Washington Nationals Stadium, Norfolk Naval Base, and numerous bridges, highways parks, and schools throughout the country.

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