Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Iron World Manufacturing, LLC been in business?

Iron World was established in December 2005 as an ornamental iron fence and security gate manufacturer.

Does Iron World install fence products?

Iron World is a fence manufacturer. We do not install fencing. However, if interested, we can refer you one of our fence installation customers in your area.

What kind of warranty is available on your ornamental fencing?

Iron World offers a 15 and 20 year warranty on our decorative fencing products. Click here to read more on our iron fence and gate warranty.

Will Iron World’s fencing rust?
Iron World’s fencing will never rust. We manufacture a completely weld free product, therefore everything is galvanized and guaranteed not to rust.
What color fencing and gates are offered by Iron World?

Iron World offers 7 stock colors: black, white, woodland green, ensor green, bronze, brown and beige. However, Iron World can powder coat custom colors for any of our products in any color under the sun.

Are all colors the same price?
No, all colors other than black are priced based on the color selected. Color must be specified at time of quote to ensure accurate pricing. We can match any custom color when color sample or RAL number is provided.
Does Iron World deliver?

Iron World will make deliveries to your job site, shop or store. Customers must provide proper equipment and personnel for unloading shipment. Our trucks are not equipped with forklifts.

What is the lead-time on orders?

Iron World delivery is subject to availability. This may vary based on custom orders, and availability of products.

Are custom size openings available for swing gates, slide gates and fencing panels?
As a built-to-order iron gate manufacturer, Iron World is able to easily accommodate custom and exact gate openings as dictated by your project up to 65′ in length. Most fencing panels are manufactured in standard widths of 6’ or 8’; alterations to panel widths can easily be made by the installation professionals during installation.
What is the largest swing or slide gate Iron World can manufacture?
We can manufacture and powder coat swing or slide gates up to 65’ in length.
Does Iron World’s decorative fencing and gates meet local codes?
All Iron World’s iron fence panels and gates can meet code requirements. Code standards vary nationally; it is the responsibility of customers to inform Iron World of your local code so that we can manufacture your fencing product materials accordingly.
Will Iron World’s fencing panels rack to meet changes in terrain?
Iron World’s ornamental iron fence panels rack between 10 and 24 inches over 8 feet on average. However, this can vary depending on the product you choose. Iron World attaches all fencing panels with rivets so you can rack the fencing panels to varying terrain during installation.
What coating methods do you use, and how does this keep iron from rusting?
Our iron and aluminum decorative and chain link fencing, gates and components are powder coated for ultimate protection. All fencing, gates and components are prepared for powder coating with a 5 stage cleaning process to remove dirt and oils from the iron and aluminum. After the iron has been cleaned, it’s topped with phosphate to offer added protection to the already galvanized iron. This process assures our finish won’t peel, and we back this with our manufactures warranty.
Are samples available?

Iron World is happy to provide samples as needed on ornamental iron, aluminum fencing, chain link fencing and pipe materials to architects and installers.

Is all hardware included for installation of your gates and fencing panels?
All fencing panels and gates arrive equipped with standard hardware for installation. Fence panels include all brackets with nuts and bolts, posts include flat caps, and gates include wrap around hinges and fulcrum or ILD latches. Hardware upgrades are available and priced separately upon request.
Will the panels come assembled?
Iron World fence panels are completely assembled prior to leaving our facility, adding to the ease of installation when they arrive in the field. Assembled panels eliminate many costs associated with labor and mistakes in installation.
Do you offer installation instructions for your fencing and gates?

Iron World’s riveted fence system allows for easy installation, rack and repair. Our comprehensive installation instructions are available for viewing and printing using the following link: Installation Directions