Maverick Fencing

Durable Coating Iron World® coats their products using a five stage pre-treatment culminating with a non-chromatic conversion coating to seal the surface and provide additional corrosion protection. Fourteen oscillating, automatic spray guns then apply a polyester powder to the G90 galvanized steel to ensure all parts of the products are evenly reached with a 3.0-3.5 mil thickness of coating. Our products are coated pre-assembly to ensure a smooth, consistent finish that resists cracking, flaking and peeling at the panel’s pivot points. This process ensures a full measure of protection in the areas where moisture accumulates and rust begins. Our in-house 1,000 foot powder coating line is equipped to handle fencing and gates that are up to 50 feet in length, 8 feet in height and 27 inches in width. Our quality control team ensures the finished product by following our four step quality control process:

Our Four Step Quality Control Process

Industrial Aircraft Rivets To increase panel strength, Industrial Aircraft Rivets, the same product used to build airliners, fasten each picket to the rail giving the system a terrific look with unmatched durability. Fastening each picket to the rails creates an integral structure that provides fixed point loading and spreads any horizontal or vertical force over the entire section. Riveted panels allow damaged pickets to be replaced without scraping the entire panel. Industrial Aircraft Rivets allow you to rack your panels to meet the topography of your job while eliminating the rusting associated with a welded product.


Standard Bracket: Iron World’ has transitioned to a tamper proof bolt to add strength, security and ease of installation when fastening your panels to the posts. These brackets come with a top cover to provide a finished look from unsightly rail cuts and short sections. The brackets are open on the bottom to accommodate for installation with uneven grading.

Swivel Bracket: Similar to our standard bracket, the swivel bracket also allows the product to swivel up to 45° left and right. These brackets also use the tamper proof bolt, come with a top cover and are open on the bottom.

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Warranty Information
Iron World provides a 20 year warranty on all its ornamental fencing. Our cantilever slide gates come with a 15 year warranty. Please visit our website at to print out our warranty information.