Super Silt Fencing

Iron World Manufacturing, LLC manufactures 42″ Super Silt Fencing, predominantly used on construction sites. With durable geotextile fabric and galvanized chain link fencing, silt fences act as a temporary sediment perimeter control.

Super Silt Fencing must be installed before soil disturbance begins on a site; placed down-slope from the disturbance area. This will prevent soil and debris from entering areas such as streets, streams, or other properties, while acting as reinforcement against high volume storm water runoff.

  • Minimal surrounding vegetation disturbance
  • Can be easily removed upon job completion, once the site has been stabilized
  • Gradual water displacement without water retention
  • Sturdy fencing for increased sediment retention

Iron World’s Super Silt Fences utilize the latest in erosion control technologies. The geotextile fabric is a synthetic filter, stretched alongside galvanized chain link fencing on the downhill side of the contour. Sediment is captured by clogging the fabric and settling against the fence, temporarily. This ensures that all dirt will remain on your property throughout the construction process.

Iron World manufactures chain link fencing, bundled in 50′ rolls. Additional parts for installation include pipe, wire, hog rings, wire ties, and the black geotextile fabric. All components are sold separately in order to meet your exact specifications.

If you are in need of Super Silt Fencing for your next construction project, please contact Iron World today.