Maverick Residential Iron Fencing

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20-year-warranty-logoThe Maverick-R (Residential) is targeted for residential applications and provides the beauty and security of iron fencing at an affordable price. This product is constructed with a 15 gauge channel and 5/8 inch steel picket. Industrial drive rivets are used to attach each individual picket to the rail, allowing the section to rack to your job specifications. These rivets provide the strength of a welded product without the rusting that accompanies them. The Maverick-R can rack up to 24 inches on a standard punch channel.

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Maverick Residential Iron Fact Sheet
Maverick Residential Iron Build Sheet
Iron World Fencing Brochure
Product Specifications

Aberdeen Residential

This practical and attractive design is one of our most popular styles. Its sturdy construction, clean lines and flat top make it safe for families with children and pets. The Abderdeen makes a distinctive statement while delineating your property, and is suited for all homes, from townhouses to large estates.

Product Specifications

Canterbury Residential

With pickets extending beyond the top rail, this fence style provides tremendous security without jeopardizing its appearance. The Canterbury offers a classic look that works well in contemporary venues and is particularly dramatic in taller fence heights. Each picket top is plugged to ensure its protection from the elements as well as keeping it maintenance free. The Canterbury design can be customized with a variety of rail, ring, and picket top options to meet your needs.

Product Specifications

Barcelona Residential

With traditional spear-point pickets extending above the top rail, this Barcelona design is sure to make a powerful statement. Durable and aesthetically pleasing, it adds prestige and stature to any property. This design can be customized to meet your customer’s needs, with optional alternating-height pints or decorative rings.

Product Specifications

Camden Residential

The Camden Residential Style is aesthetically appealing and offers added interest and elegance in any residential setting. With protected pickets, this beautiful fence defines your property line with style and is safe for children and pets in the backyard environment. Available styles include three or four horizontal rails.

Product Specifications

Maverick Industrial Iron Fencing Specifications

All posts, caps and fence panels shall be polyester coated individually after fabrication to thoroughly coat all surfaces for additional corrosion protection. All components enter a 5 stage in line cleaning process to prepare the galvanized surfaces for complete adhesion of the finish coat.
Fabricated of galvanized square steel tubular members manufactured per ASTM A787 with a G90 coating 0.90 oz/ft2 and steel to have 45,000 psi (310 Mpa) yield strength. Picket size shall be 5/8”sq x 18 gauge wall thickness.
Horizontal “U” channels shall be 1½” x 1 3/8” x 1 ½” 15 gauge wall thickness (.072”) and galvanized. [Manufactured per ASTM A653 / A-653M with a 50,000 psi (344 MPa) yield strength.]
Fabricated of galvanized square steel tube members manufactured per ASTM A787 with a G90 zinc coating. Post size options (3” square x 12 gauge) or (2 ½” square 14 or 12 gauge) wall thickness.]
Rail/Post Brackets: Standard 1½” x 13/8” x 1½”, 15 gauge galvanized steel channels. Cover to be sleeved over brackets and secured with tamper proof bolt for permanent installation.